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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  July 6, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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you cross the line when gang violence killed a baby last month. >> no level of violence is acceptable. we've got to start with that. but clearly, the murder of a 3-month-old is completely beyond humanity. >> police chief ron davis called together law enforcement from local, state and the federal levels to put the pressure on known gang members. the fbi is part of the efforts. >> we try to bring pieces together to find out where soft points are. we're going to come up with a flow of drugs and guns, people into the area. skplt result is stopping violence of the street level. >> and east palo alto launches a number of initiatives, there is concern that $35 million in funding cuts this year to the state department of justice will make it harder to fight the gang problem. >> they're in tune with what is going on in law enforcement. their response to that. >> the agencies gathered today
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vowed to overcome challenges and unlike years past, the police are building a strong partnership with the community. >> a lot of the people who cover, and making a big difference within the community. the walls are starting to come down. >> the police chief announced one effort that will take place this summer, dubbed a call in to the gangs. >> they will be offered services, opportunities to get out of the gang and community assistance if they so choose. >> saturday, city leaders will try to get guns off the streets by holding a gun buy back, offering $100 for the first 75 firearms turned into police. >> and time is running out in the search for seven men still missing after their fishing boat cap sized. the families of two men have now set up their own command center in the dining room of one home.
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we're now live. >> and you know there is good news tonight. just a moment ago, we learned the coast guard has agreed to continue searching for the men, tomorrow morning in, their specially equipped aircraft. the decision as the result of a full court press by folks gathered today to keep the search and their hope alive. >> we need our dad to come home. we need our uncles and sons to come home. now, at this point, we need and local fishermen can be lost and still found and we want to get the word out to keep pressure on keeping it going. >> inside of the house, family members are reaching out to anyone with knowledge or connection that's can help them find missing men. nearly all information is coming to them secondhand. >> we keep getting conflicting reports. conflicting information. and... so when we get good news, it's great.
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it's been a rollercoaster. >> the u.s. coast guard is helping, its taking place in mexican waters. the coast guard can only continue searching with mexico'sñr permission. >> mexican authorities and they'll go into and how long to continue. >> and keep hope alive. >> he's fighting. and family members say survival and and it was and i knew he's hanging survivors sea the sea the cortez. >> not one of them. if they had known there was a storm coming in. and and they remain hope oofl we're going to get them back. you know we are.
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>> and tonight we understand that the u.s. coast guard will be completed by sundown. and 1300 square miles of the search area. they've been doing 500 miles per day, meaning they may have completed searching the area with that specialized aircraft. whether they've continued after tomorrow that, decision will be made on a day by day basis. >> and jonathan bloom reporting. >> the fbi joined picassoes stolen from a gallery. police impounded a cab they believe the thief hailed after snatching $200,000 drawing off the walls. the bandit made off with the sketch. the from the winestein gallery. a camera mounted outside of a restaurant captured this man, carrying a picture, minutes after the theft occurred. >> i couldn't believe i got
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that lucky and it looks like he was calm. and the gallery happened to be located on the same block near union square. if you recognize the man there, he is again. san francisco police sure want to hear from you right away. investigators plan to take a look at security video from impounded cab, making them a good shot of the face. and an effort is underway to try to change the pension system for state and local government workers. four republican lawmakers troin dused a resolution that would put the plan before voters. the measure altering how much current employees paid and would ban retroactive pension increases. it's pro visions would apply to state and local systems in california, on and after july 1, 2012. >> the federal government expected to reduce the amount of money home buyers can
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borrow with a conforming loan. and that means some people will have to make larger down payments and others will pay higher rates on jumbo loans. now, the most you can borrow through fannie mae is $729,000 here in the bay area and other expensive markets. on october 1, that limit drops to $625,000. >> it's going to have an impact. and it's especially hitting the building industry, hit so hard. it doesn't really provide an opportunity to stall on a margin where builders need to sell at. >> some worry this will prevent thousands from buying homes and hamper recovery. >> facebook is launching a way to stay in touch with friends. and the palo alto social network is teeming up with video giant-chat giant skype. as david louie explains there is more to it than that.
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>> facebook wants to be your one stop place to share everything in your life with friends. and now, you can connect to them for video chats. >> you start the video. and there gou. it's connecting. and then, with them? there we go. >> facebook is partnering with skype to provide chats. skype expecting this will triple and quadruple amount of traffic it handles. current volume is 300 million minutes per month. skype working on a video chat feature. >> we're building our own plug in for facebook ourselves them liked it and said we'd like to take that technology to use it ourselves to offer directly to userer autos the ceo says that the next five years will see a big spurt in sharing stuff, as he calls it on social networks. four billion things posted, and the numbers are growing at an fast rate. >> if you plot that forward it will be from what we've seen, about twice as much as they're
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sharing today a year from now. >> face book unveiled a side bar displaying your frequently contacted friends and a group chat. the video chat may pose a risk for facebook's partner, skype. >> for skype problems can be that they might erode their user base. people might find it more convenient to do skype within facebook. rather than skype outside of face book. >> for now, face book's video chat is one on one. group chat might be added hater. facebook's ceo described the event as a start of a launch season. a not subtle hint many new products under development. >> and more still to come at 6:00, loikal firefighters recently lost their jobs are head back to work. joining one of the few fire departments that is actually growing. that is ahead. >> and long-term care that won't pay up.
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that story is ahead on 7 on your side. >> i'm spencer christian. we'll have a cooling influence inland. where in the accu-weather forecast. and ask the president anything, just use 140 characters or less. coming up, the first twitter town hall.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld there has been a sighting of a missing cyclist we told but yesterday. police say anthony michael martin was seen in roseville. saying he did not appear to be in distress can and the case is now a private matter. he was reported missing after being last seen on saturday
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afternoon in the hills above oakland and berkeley. >> in a time when many other departments are cutting back, alameda county fire department is welcoming nearly two dozen new firefighters to its ranks, including some who were laid off from other departments. abc reports from pleasanton. and foremost, it's a chance to show off for family and friends. all they've learned in 16 weeks of training but for a few, this demonstration represents a new beginning in a career that recently rejected them. one of three firefighters were among 49 laid off last summer from san jose department. >> this is what i've always wanted to do. when laid off, a piece meef just sweltered away. i zrnt a second plan. >> a class mate was let go from the san jose department oo. i know there are still
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many people out there out of my class that are still searching for jobs. i know how tough sit out there, now. >> alameda county is growing in these tough times. that growth is due in part to the department contracting with cities like newark and union city. in the past year, abandoning efforts to sustain their own fire service. >> some of it is timing without retirement and also, we've been able to take on a number of new jurisdictions part of a regional model by reducing overhead and sharing costs you're able to preserve funding for firefighters on the street. >> david came from san jose. he knows his new start here is he is spishlly fortunate, given 2000 people applied for the 23 spots. >> many people have been laid off. and i was lucky to get picked back up again. >> for three firefighters,
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uniforms may be different but the dream is the same. and very much alive. in pleasanton, abc 7 news. >> well it's a warm day to be outside in the sun like that. but things are cooling off? >> yes. they are. now more on the cool down. >> change isn't happening fast enough. it's less warm, getting less warm. in a few days we can say it's cooled down. there is a live view from lake tahoe. big thunderstorms over the lake. we've seen thunderstorms rumbling around the tahoe area throughout much of the he sierra. throughout afternoon, into evening hours, and these are the big powerful storms. there is a map now, take a look at our image, there is a triple play of weather elements today. fog at the coast, heat inland. and the thunderstorms in the sierra. we'll take a look now by way of lip doppler 7 hd. from mammoth lakes northward and beyond reno, thunderstorms
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continuing to rumble. and near truckee, big powerful storms, north of reno, around portolla, we still have powerful storms in that area. and things have been calm here in the bay area. and it's a bit warm inland now. looking ats temperatures 96 degrees in antioch. 92 in livermore. 90 in fremont. 80s in other locations. and 70s around the bay. coastal fog, mild temperatures overnight. and we'll have fog at the coast. and mainly mid-50s low to mid-60s and high pressure off shore, low pressure inland, this is the alignment we've had. and sea breeze gets a little bit stronger tomorrow. and of course, that will increase a cooling influence,
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we'll start at 5:00 in the morning. there will be fog pushing inland and burning back to the coast z we'll have a pattern like we've seen last few days. fog at the coast. coast, sunny skies inland z around the bay. high temperatures ranging from 60s near the coast to 70s generally around the bay. 80s to low 90s warmest locations. starting with south way. -- bay. highs ranging from low to mid-80s to about 87 at los gatos. and 75 in san mateo. and 59 pacifica. 61 half moon bay. cooling down a tad. downtown 65 degrees, 61 into sunset district. highs 80 in san rafael. 82 in santa rosa. 94 clear lake. near east bay highs, 69 in berkeley. 78 in castro valley. inland tomorrow, highs into mid to upper 80s and 90 in livermore.
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and near monterey bay, 70 in watsonville. 89 in gilroy. here is the accu-weather forecast. so we'll have two more warm days inland. we'll get cooler conditions across the bay area throughout the weekend and into next week. the coolest point highs only about 84. 72 around the bay. 58 on the coast. >> nice. >> that is a cool down. >> thank you. >> for some of us, planning for senior years include buying long term care insurance. >> for one couple, this policy didn't deliver, not until michael finney gogogogogogogogoo
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when it comes to planning for old age, many people consider buy long term care insurance. >> and do those policies pay off? michael finney is here with a caution nairy tale. >> do they pay what they say? the cost of long term care insurance is extremely high. one couple spent a lot of money on their premiums and in the end, when they needed payoff, it was hard to come by. jack and beverly jo celebrated 55 years of marriage before jack suffer aid stroke that left him disabled. >> i couldn't manage him anymore. >> the couple planned, purchasing this long term care insurance policy back in 1996. >> it's for piece of mind. >> the premiums were expensive. reaching $534 per month.
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and beverly figured now it would pay off. she contacted the carrier, senior health insurance of pennsylvania receiving this statement of covered services allowing a home health nurse at $20 per hour up to a policy max of $100 per day. >> and insisted i get a licensed nurse or registered nurse. you cannot just hire your cousin. >> everything seemed to go as planned until she filed the claim. >> knox we can't pay that much. she's not a registered nurse. i said you asked for a registered nurse. so i gave you a registered nurse. >> the company statement said beverly had exceeded that daily maximum of $100 per day. she says not true. waits the company refusing to pay the max. for this claim for 30 days beverly figured the maximum would be $3,000. but the company paid just $2250. for this 16-day period, max is
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$1600. the company paid just $825. >> that is when i called 7 on your side. we contacted senior health insurance. and it declined to discuss the case, because of privacy rules, however, shortly after we called, beverly received some good news. >> they called and said we're going to send you a check for skpuch such. i said that is fast. >> the company reimbursed her $1025. then, later it went further paying her $3100 for claims denied because of a restriction in the policy. the company says they do not pay unwarranted claims but we do review each denial before it's finalized to insure appropriate decision is made. they were formerly called canseco senior health insurance, we found they were fined in 2009 by then
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california insurance commissioner steve poizner. for improper denial and delay of benefits. senior health insurance of pennsylvania tells 7 on your side its receivered ties and operates as a trust under new management and said they operate without a profit motive, it's mission to use assets to support policy holder obligations. beverly says the company paid 70,000s ndz premiums over the past decade and used only about $7,000 in benefits. before jack died, and n.a nursing home in march. >> it was a hassle. but thanks to you i got this money back. >> and if you're considering buy long term care for yourself or loved one you should do a lot of research. the state insurance department has plenty of information on what to look for in a plan. i've posted links on our web site. just go to abc 7 and click on 7 on your side. >> and a new study finds
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sitting for long periods of time increases the risk of blood clots. researchers in boston studied 70,000 female nurses and found those who spent six hours or day sit wrg more li than twice clots in the lungs.p blood the risk is greater associated with taking birth control pills. the study pubbished in british medical journal. >> a lot more to bring you. a court ordered a military to dissolve the don't ask, don't tell policy, immediately. >> and oakland police department is restructured to fight rising crime with a smaller force. >> and the prosecution didn't meet the burden of proof. there was a lot of reasonable doubt there. >> an alternate juror talks about the caseyhan anthony trial. why he calls her a
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a federal court called for an immediate halt to the military's ban on openly gay service members. good evening, everyone. >> america's gay troops serving in the world will no longer be subjected to the military's controversial policy known as don't skrks don't tell. the appeals court ordered the government to stop enforcing that ban. and we're live with the ruling and the reaction. >> that is right. a three-judge panel ordered a halt to the ban on gays serving in the military, saying it's unconstitutional well. talked to a san francisco military vet who spent years fighting don't skrks don't tell. and she says that the policy is already in its death, but thinks the decision is tremendous. >> this meaning i served
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during war time. >> this retired navy commander was a rare case of a lesbian military member serving openly, earning medal as long the way. she challenged don't skrks don't tell in 1993, then, retired in 2007. and doning stood next to the president last december, when he signed into law a repeel of the policy. but it has still been on the books and the pentagon prepares to certify it's ready to welcome gays in the military, she believes this order sends a mess yanl to the defense department to get moving. >> it's gratifying. the court can see injustice of the law. it's unconstitutional. it goes against american value autos the pentagon released a statement saying we will, of course comply with orders of the court and are taking immediate steps to inform the field of this order. and says certification is just weeks away. in the meantime, doning says
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gays and lesbians in the military are being discharged when sexuality is discovered. now, with today's ruling. people with k.breathe knowing at least today won't be the day i get investigated and i'm safe. >> the pentagon statement seems to indicate this won't be an appeal, but she and others are cautioning gay troops to not immediately come out, saying it's better to wait until the pentagon certification is complete and the policy is officially off the books. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and marines based out of california will be among the first troops to leave afghanistan. the second ranking commander says today by the end of the summer, the third battalion, fourth marine regiment will leave zmot be replaced. the unit has between a thousand and 1200 marines. the home base is 29 palms.
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the commander says some aspects will not be decided until fall. a bill ensuring california textbooks include history and accomplishments of gays and lease beeins is on the governor's desk. and governor brown's decision could have implications for students across the country. >> i have then believe her through multiple years. >> and she was bullied at school for being gay. the graduate think that's it would have made a difference having head raed about his storeal gay figures in school books. >> i -- it doesn't have to be to so crammy for me. >> governor brown is weighing a bill requiring public schools to teach history of less gee bein, and transgender americans. the decision could be significant. california is the largest textbook buyer in the united states. and represents almost 15% of
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the $3.5 billion market. publishers try to sell california editions to other states. >> this is ages three to six. >> social conservatives are ramping up pressure for the governor to veto the bill them don't think gay figures belong in textbooks to get into a history book have you to do something that is important. have you to do a product or a service and you are judged on your contribution, not what you did in the bedroom. >> and the author calls it sensorship. when people like gay rights champion or movements. >> we're denied our students a important chapter of civil rights. >> i don't see why he won't sign it. >> it's unclear what the governor will do. the democrat has proven he doesn't always side with his party or his constituents f he does sign the bill, california
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is so broke, kit not afford to update textbooks until the 2015 school year. >> and dozens of people back in homes in the north bay tonight after a gas line break. authorities evacuated 11 homes in kentfield when a crew ruptured a two-inch line around 10:00 in the area of lancaster avenue. people in about 50 homes were told to shelt in place. it took crews two hours to cap the leak. >> major changes coming up to the oakland police department. a complete overhaul is underway. the chief announced a top to bottom reorganization today as a way to stretch a tight budgist. and we're live in oakland. and some say newer may not be better, right? >> and that is what they're saying here. and this is what that looks like on paper, maps and charts but on the street here in oakland, it's going to mean big changes. like you said for better or
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worse, residents are going to notice the difference. there will be more officers in high crime east oakland. more walking the beat. and there will be fewer traffic cops, there won't be any. >> we wanted to build an organization to get that under control and put the resources where we put bang for the buck. >> if it sounds like they're bargain shopping in, a way, he is. trying to figure out how to get more out of the force with less money and fewer officers. there is a top to bottom reorganization begins to take affect this weekend. residents will see a difference. >> overall, there should be customer service better, more organization. >> and not everyone is convinced all changes are for the better. elimination of the force means patrol officers in cars will now respond to all traffic
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calls. >> and the fact that the traffic is a huge entity in the city. >> and all homicides, robberies and assaults and searches for fugitives will fall under a major crimes unit. officers now specialize in individual crimes will be retrained to learn how to investigate all major crimes. the chief says opd swril a new focus. >> and this is go tok dealing with homicides and violent crime. >> one of the city violent cities in the country has 636 officers on the force. police expect to it drop more, and for crime to go up this summer. >> oakland cops have done more with less. we've done more than everybody else. what happened is that we've lost a quarter to a third of the department in numbers. and we're down to bare bones. >> many changes take affect as soon as saturday others kicking in starting in august.
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>> and casey anthony's sentencing is scheduled for tomorrow. a jury in florida yesterday acquitted anthony of killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee and convicted her of four misdemeanor counts. anthony could get up to four years or sentenced to time served. an alternate said he agreed with the skprerd called casey a good mother. >> the first number of witnesses were casey's friends. and every time they said they saw, you know casey with caylee, it was a loving relationship. and no one provided any evidence to the contrary. >> and he said he was shocked to learn of the public anger, saying prosecutor dz not meet the burden of proof. tonight you'll hear from wuchbt actual jurors on a prime time night line special casey anthony not guilty inside of the bomb shell verdict, airing at 10:00.
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>> and the president welcomed the twitter verse into the white house today. the president answered 18 questions submitted by twitter users from across the nation. and in one response, the president used some pointed language to repeat the idea that the debt keeling is too important to be used as a negotiate yaifting tool. >> this debt ceiling should not be used as a gun against the heads of the american people to extract tax breaks for corporate jet owners. >> the president answers a question about why job creation was so slow. he added he hoped the speaker would support funding bills that create job autos and there is a terrifying expeer yechbls a gaping hole ripped
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open. >> coming up next, you're
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we're getting a glimpse into how a flight crew handled a frightening incident. flight 812 traveling from phoenix to sacramento when a six foot hole opened in the roof. the crew remained calm, taking the plane down more man 20,000
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feet in just five minutes. >> how far way right now? >> and your 3:00 position and five zero miles. >> thank you. >> and none of the crew of the passengers on board were hurt. investigators believe a manufacturing defect caused a plane to just feel apart. and it prompted a sweeping inspection of the flight. and there are other planes found to have crack autos it's the topic of conversation across the state. and there is more of the sight and the look at the dirty aftermath. >> check out the little-known spot here in san francisco. the news at 6:00 continues. ñññ
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greek authorities released captain of a u.s. boat arrest fofrd taking part in a
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flotilla. today a swedish ship set sail and it is uncertain if either will be allowed to continue the journey to gaza to deliver thousands of dollars worth of humanitarian aid. the vessels are part of a flotilla that intends to bleak break the sea blockade. >> this is very strong inspecks. and israeli government says it's crucial to stop weapons from reaching hamas extremist autos back here, something different now. if you're looking for something unusual to do this weekend, you might try casting pools at golden gate park. you can get free fly fishing lessons and there is a tournament there, sunday. and there is an often overlooked spot. across the street from golden
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gate park, next door to the san francisco police department stables, just follow signs to a little slice of peace and beauty sparkling like a gem. this is a 1938 wpa project. this 89-year-old wasn't here then, but has been for the last 30 years. and now comes every day to watch the entrance. he's known as godfather here. says it hasn't changed much. >> the historian says the club started at stow lake in 1933. >> there is a tiny platform. people would go there, waiting their turn to be able to practice. >> this convinced the stoi bild a lodth and pond.
6:47 pm
inside of the lodge are floor to ceiling lockers filled with the stuff of fish stories. the club has 500 members but are opened to the public. >> relaxing. and this is being out in the hospital. -- open. you know? you can see it's here. >> the ponds are internationally known. one of the few places to practice. and learn. the club says learned here and now teach autos people prefer what is a fast rod. it bends and then other people receive a rod meeting in action. >> national tournaments also put it on the map. many don't realize it's here
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in their backyard. >> and there is clean up after a dust flood. take a look. this is not fog. it's dust. this is 100 miles high. visibility dropped to zero. it halted flights, knocked out power and caked cars, as you can see, with dirt. they're common in arizona but rarely as long as this one. >> this is just strange. >> remarkable. >> let's talk about our weather here. >> yes. spencer chisin is here with us. >> there are storm clouds rumbling. this is a time lapse view. and this looks anything but
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heavenly. and this continues into the bay area, 99 degrees in antioch. 98 in concord and in morgan hill. there is low 90s in other locations. 67 the high in san francisco. tomorrow, we'll see heat inland he'sing up. so antioch tomorrow, livermore, just 90 degrees, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. there is cooler conditions starting on saturday and throughout the weekend, we'll see temperatures dropping off and we'll end up average for this time of the year. >> facebook changed the way we social yidz, now changing the way employees get supplies. >> stay with us. that story and more is coming up.
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>> part released information about sunday's officer involved shooting. on the web site, bart says the coroner's office has not yet positively identified the victim. it says it has identified
6:53 pm
between 35-40 witnesses and has around 12 left to interview. bart says they plan on releasing the video after it turns over the case to the san francisco district attorney unless the da objects. >> hope you can join me tonight at 9:00 and there is a grizzly bear killing a hiker. >> then at 11:00 there is a violent storm on saturn, tonight you'll hear it. its coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there some afternoon baseball. >> there is a three-game sweat seattle. they get a couple hits. big day for first inning takes. and there is the third of the schblt there is moscoso with a 1-0 lead. perhaps the best game of the career.
6:54 pm
and just two hits. and five n inning cliff pennington up the middle. there is a wild abandon, pennington ends up at second. two batters later, base hit to center scores pennington. and back to high heat in the 7th and he's fired up. josie devine for two score res innings to keep this intact. a's win it and head to arlington to take on rangers tomorrow. >> 66 womens' u.s. open gets underway tomorrow in colorado. one of the longest forces in history. former pleasanton res dent won a major last year at the open. and in spite of that she has her eyes set on plenty more with 11 pro victories and not one this year. she's been playing golf and can't wait to tee it up. >> i want to win this, week
6:55 pm
yes, it's more special. there is a national championship. >> women's world cup today, top seed facing sweden, both teams in advance of the quarter finals, losers gets brazil. and there is a penalty kick to sweden. going to 35th minute, there is a helping five from amy lapeldet. bad luck for usa keeper. she had no chance. united states makes it a game and there is a golden opportunity for the high and sweden beats u.s. for world cup play.
6:56 pm
>> we fought until the end. they put away chances they had. >> and stage five of the tour defrance. a windy stage today. the champion part of this pile up. road rash for everyone. toss a bike. nicky sorenson clips a motorcycle in front. goes sliding off the road. it was a mass sprint to the finish. and there is a tour retaining the leader's yellow jersey. south korean city has been awarded 2018 winter olympics after failing. defeating munich, germany, receiving 63 of the 95 votes and stanford basketball coach had a two-year extension today. and he's dub a great job. >> thank you.
6:57 pm
>> scary crash autos yes. >> always. >> you know that is coming up. >> yes. >> once they get into the hills. >> thanks sh u. facebook helped revolutionize how we use our computers. now, targeting vending machine autos check this out. it has filled the machines with office supplies like keyboards and screen wipes. >> employees swipe their badges and get whatever they need. company officials say the machines are a cost effective way to help the company keep track of supplies. >> facebook hopes to replace supply cabinets with vending machines by the end of the year. >> different technique there. >> and for you will of us here, thanks for watching. we'll see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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